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Ultimate Patch 1.1 mod for Elite Force 2

A Star Trek Elite Force II mod by Gez, Derrick Goodfriend, Flix, gameRevolt, Tempest, True Captain, Valix and Worf.

Ultimate Patch MOD for EF2

This is not an actual patch, but a MOD for the game EF2. It was called the "Ultimate Patch" in that it fixes and enhances several things in EF2 that could not be further corrected due to the lawsuit between Activision and Paramount. It also includes 2 maps.

Download Windows version

Download Linux version




It is recommended that you run the Ultimate Patch shortcut only if you intend to join a patched server (normal ef2 servers may kick you for invalid .pk3 files) The included maps will ONLY work with the Ultimate Patch and will have an error under normal EF2. The sounds problem from the previous Ultimate Client mod has been resolved in this patch. To identify if a server is running the Ultimate Patch, look in the ServerInfo page, under protocol (Normal servers will say "66", patched servers will say "UP-1.0")

UPDATE: v1.1 - July 5, 2004

Added client command - drawgun
Added client command - drawtimer
Added client command - dropitems
Added client command - tell_attacker
Added client command - tell_target
Added cvar - mp_drawAttacker
Added cvar - mp_showTargetSkins
Added cvar - sv_entityFadeDist
Added health specific pain sounds
Added holodeck intro - mp_holoIntro
Added specialty class banning - mp_banClasses
All items apart from flags now drop with angle and velocity
Constant light added for metaphasic shielding and quantum weapon enhancer
Constant light colour changed to silver for armor
Constant light turns off for the item in question when it is picked up
Fixed impressive award
Fixed instant hit weapons aiming
Fixed laggy crouching
Fixed map loading menu displaying - SEE LOADING MENU INFO (on features page)
Fixed podium positioning when the info_player_intermission has a target
Fixed the voting hud so that it appears on votes
Jumppads have been modified to act more like jumppads (set their speed to 0)
Revamped respawn invincibility time
Small Hyposprays are now worth 10 health and can be picked up while your health is above 100
Spectators can fly through bodies and have smoother movement
Updated menus - added the easier two bot skill levels (cadet and ensign)
Updated menus - the callvote menu now shows a levelshot, mapname and options for selecting
modifiers, gametypes and other things
Updated menus - the specialties menu now displays the correct text tips
Updated menus - you can now click on the maplist titles to arange the lists in alphabetical order
Zoom hud background removed to make it clearer



You now only need to include a "loc/Eng/ui/menu_loading-X.urc" and "loc/Deu/ui/menu_loading-X.urc"
[where X is your map's filename excluding the .bsp extension] to show a loading screen for their map.

The leveldefs file is auto created for all maps during server loading to stop other maps overwriting it.


To update your leveldefs file to display recently downloaded maps' loading screens, simply load solomatch or any other type of EF2 server and then close it.

Admin Control

The banning commands work
The dedicated console shows a lot more information
You can talk from the dedicated console properly using svsay


A thumbnail of each player is shown in the scoreboard
A thumbnail of your attacker is shown to the right of the screen
Commendations are given at the end of a game (providing there is an info_player_intermission in the map)
You can get all the awards you earned instead of just one of each type


Bots no longer talk about nothing (their chat can also be disabled once again with bot_nochat)
Bots stay connected across levels
The cvar bot_minplayers works

Client Side

Clients without the Ultimate Patch installed can be rejected with a message telling them where to download it
Full English and German language support
Item pickup text is in a more readable white
Menus with map lists can be aranged by the map name
Mission Select menu added for single player
More sounds for items such as the quantum weapon enhancer and metaphasic shielding
Music plays at the intermission depending on whether your team won lost or tied
Player jumping and damage sounds have been added for most default skins
Specialties menu appears when running specialties to choose your class
The computer and flag sounds are the same as ef1's
The effects for the quantun weapon enhancer and metaphasic shield are the same as ef1, the regen is now red
The disconnected symbol will appear above any player's head who has a ping greater than 500
The scoreboard name shows the proper gametype and modifier with spaces
Ultimate Patch Server Options and Item Filter menu added
Various prints changed/fixed


Extra sounds have been added for flag pickups/scores/returns
The flag gets returned after suicide or misadventure/lava etc


Accuracy of rifle increased ("nukem effect" reduced)
If you use an STX phaser on your server, this will no longer be given to players in this mode
The ammo for your rifle will no longer 'run out'
Useless powerups like the regen no longer spawn


A "ready" state added for intermission (click mouse or press use)
Different music will play depending on whether your team won, lost or tied
Intermission queue time added to see last frag/cap
Intermission will spawn at a random point if the mapper forgot to include an info_player_intermission point
Podium added for intermission (place in your map with an info_player_intermission point)
Scoreboard updates faster at the intermission and death
Team awards work
The intermission continues to the next map after 20seconds of one person clicking ready
The intermission no longer skips on the first map the server runs


A better warmup has been implemented
A loading bar is shown on level changes
Doors have a bigger trigger field (open when you are a bit further away than before) and open when shot at
Health counts down if over max
Holdables can be set to not drop automaticly when going over a new one
Holdable transporters transport to any spawnpoint and show the proper effects
If a client has a password set and the server does not, the client is still allowed in
If more people vote yes and a vote times out, the vote will pass rather than failing
Items are easier to pickup due to a slightly bigger touch area
Medkits can heal above 100 health
Optional sounds for voting and chatfragging
PrivatePassword works
Section 31 award added for players that kill a carrier just before they capture
Sounds added for pain and jumping for most default models (skinners are free to use the .tik files as templates)
Slashes in the console can be used to enter commands ("/rcon status" for example)
Sloping walls no longer slow you down like before (flypaper walls)
Strafing and jumping is much more like EF1/Q3
The speed boots work properly
The use button can also be used to respawn
The vote string has been moved out of the way of the scores and shows more information
You can drown in water and burn in lava
Weapon targeting skins work


The modifier BatlethOnly has been added to play with only the batleth
The modifier QuantumArena has been added to play only with the photon


A louder combadge sound plays when someone chats
An ef1 style obituary can be used (ELIMINATED: d00d CREDIT: Redshirt METHOD: Vaporized)
Denied print removed from hud
Lag frags and chat frags are logged and printed
Server welcome message printed center screen and in the hud
Some extra prints added to do with game/map initialization/shutdown
Some of the more pointless bot chats/prints removed (they are all pointless really :P)
The tell command works properly
The timer counts up when "mp_timelimit" is set to zero


Ammo/Armor/Health/Holdables/Powerups/Weapons no longer spawn
Backpacks stay on dead bodies
Can change class from the console again
Class remembered on respawns and map changes
Classes have specific skins
Infiltrators jump higher
Medics can use their tricorder to kill enemies (like the hypo from ef1)
Medics no longer have a strange death sequence or regen when dead
Quad can only be picked up by heavies and metaphasic shielding by medics
The specialties room can be disabled
Weapons spawning bugs have been fixed


Spectator and noclip movement improved
Spectators can chat amongst themselves with team chat and to everyone with normal chat
Spectators can follow players in first person view
Spectators that follow a player also get their center prints (eg. Eliminated Picard)
Spectators spawn at the info_player_intermission spot (if there is one)
Spectators stay spectators on restarts and map changes


Detpacks/holdable explosives are more like ef1, they have a much bigger radius and effect, and can be dropped to the floor
Duels have been added to duel between players (press use on another player)
The full screen red blood damage effect can be disabled
The photon speed can be adjusted with a cvar
The sniper rifle should be less "laggy" now
The weapons switch in a more prioritized order
Third person works properly when aiming and firing weapons
Weapon pickups don't pickup and give ammo if its already full


Usage: class <specialty class>
Changes you to the specified specialty class

Usage: drawgun <1 or 0>
Turns the drawing of your gun on or off

Usage: drawtimer <1 or 0>
Turns the drawing of your timer on or off

"dropitems" Usage: dropitems Drops any powerups, holdables, ctf flags, or bombs you are holding
"taunt rnd"
Usage: taunt rnd
Plays a random taunt
Usage: team <team name>
Changes you to the specified team

Usage: tell_attacker <text>
Chats to the last attacking player

Usage: tell_target <text>
Chats to the player in your crosshair


New Rcon Commands

( <> = Required [] = optional )

Usage: addip <ip>
Adds an ip to the ban filter, NOTE: filterban must be set to 1 to ban ips. To ban a range, type for example "addip 195".

"removeip" Usage: removeip <ip> Removes an ip from the ban filter.

Usage: listip
Lists the ips currently filtered.

Usage: writeip
Writes the banned ips to a cfg file so they remain banned if you close and reopen your server.

Usage: botlist
Lists all of the available bots.

Usage: callvote <command> <argument>
Calls a vote inside the server (you can use any command).

Usage: forceteam <client num> <team>
Changes the team of the specified player.

Usage: forceclass <client num> <class>
Changes the class of the specified player.

Usage: forcemodel <client num> <model>
Changes the model of the specified player.

Usage: forcename <client num> <name>
Changes the name of the specified player.

"list" (NOTE: This command is not available under linux)
Usage: list <directory> [file extension]
Works the same as the 'dir' command works in ef1. ('dir' doesn't work well in ef2 as it can't list files inside .pk3s)

Usage: nextmapinlist
This will advance to the next map in your maplist

Usage: svsay <text>
Lets you talk through the dedicated console to players.

New cvars

Example: g_logfile "global/game.log"
This defines the file to which the server log is written, set it to """ to disable logging

Example: mp_allowDuels "1"
1 enables player vs player duels, 0 disables them

Example: mp_autoDropHoldables "0"
1 switches your holdable automaticly if you have one already and walk over another, 0 stops it being picked up until you use your current one

Example: mp_banClasses "idm"
Add the first letter of any specialty classes that you want to disable in your server

Example: mp_capturePoints "1"
Sets the number of points the team gets for a flag capture

Example: mp_disableBlackNames "1"
1 disables black text in player names, 0 allows it

Example: mp_drawAttacker "1"
1 enables the attackers skin icon to be drawn on the victim's screen, 0 disables this

Example: mp_duelWeapon "Batleth"
Sets the weapon to use in player vs player duels

Example: mp_ef1Detpack "1"
Allows the holdable explosive to act like a classic ef1 detpack with a large damage radius and effect

Example: mp_ef1Obituary "1"
Shows the death messages ef1 style (ELIMINATED: d00d CREDIT: Redshirt METHOD: Vaporized)

Example: mp_extraSounds "1"
1 enables extra sounds for voting and chatfragging, 0 disables these

Example: mp_forceNoTilt "1"
1 disables the tilt for all clients, 0 lets them choose with cg_viewStrafeTilt

Example: mp_forceSpecialtiesSkins "1"
1 forces clients to use a specific skin for their class, 0 lets them use any skin
(infil=munro, tech=chell, heavy=korban, medic=jurot, sniper=telsia, demo=chang)

Example: mp_holoIntro "1"
1 turns on the holodeck intro, 0 turns it off

Example: mp_motd "Welcome to my server"
Displays a message to clients once they enter the server.

Example: mp_showTargetSkins "1"
Displays the targetting skins on weapons that support this feature when you target an enemy (as in single player)

Example: mp_specialtiesRoom "0"
0 disables the room where you can choose your specialty, 1 enables it.

Example: mp_votes "kick map mp_gametype nextmap poll restart actionhero autohandicap controlpoints destruction diffusion elimination instantkill modsoff oneflag pointsperweapon specialties"
Sets the votes for which players are allowed to vote for (Poll will call a poll, actionhero/instantkill/specialties etc, will exec a config named that in your base directory).

Example: mp_winDuringWarmup "1"
1 allows the maplist to continue during the warmup, 0 disallows it from changing

Example: sv_allowConsoleSlashes "1"
1 allows players to use a proceeding slash for commands in the console (like ef1/q3), 0 doesn't

Example: sv_allowUnpatchedClients "0"
1 allows clients without the Ultimate Patch to play in the server without downloading it first (sv_pure MUST be set to zero and you must be running a DEDICATED server), 0 will show them a message telling them where to get it

Example: sv_entityFadeDist "999999"
Sets the distance at which entities are faded out for clients

Example: sv_photonSpeed "2500"
Sets the speed of the primary photon

Example: sv_showDamageFlash "0"
0 disables the full screen blood damage effect, 1 enables it

Item Filter System

mp_filter "" - Acts the same way as the mp_flags cvar (choose which items you want to disable and add their numbers together)

Federation Large - 1
Federation Small - 2
Idryll Large - 4
Idryll Small - 8
Plasma Large - 16
Plasma Small - 32

Large - 64
Medium - 128
Small - 256

Large - 512
Small - 1024

Explosive - 2048
Medkit - 4096
Protection - 8192
Transporter - 16284

Cloak - 32768
Haste - 65536
Metaphasic Shielding - 131072
Regen - 262144
Quantum Weapon Enhancer - 524288

Ammo Regeneration - 1048576
Armor Piercing - 2097152
Death Quad - 4194304
Empathy Shield - 8388608

Cvar Example: mp_filter "3"
This would filter out large and small federation ammo

Cvar Example #2: mp_filter "512"
This would filter out large federation ammo

Cvar Example #3: mp_filter "30620"
This would filter out all the holdables

mp_filterWeapons "" - Acts the same way as the mp_flags cvar (choose which items you want to disable and add their numbers together)

Tricorder - 1
Batleth - 2
Phaser - 4
Romulan Disruptor - 8
Compression Rifle - 16
Assault Rifle - 32
Enhanced Assault Rifle - 64
Attrexian Rifle - 128
Drull Staff - 256
I-Mod - 512
Federation Sniper Rifle - 1024
Grenade Launcher - 2048
Tetryon Gatling Gun - 4096
Photon Burst - 8192
Romulan Radation Gun - 16284
Enterprise Cannon - 32768

Cvar Example: mp_filterWeapons "3"
This would filter out the tricorder and the batleth

Cvar Example #2: mp_filterWeapons "512"
This would filter out the I-Mod

Cvar Example #3: mp_filterWeapons "28"
This would filter out the Phaser, the Romulan Disruptor and the Compression Rifle

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