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Quake 3 Mods that have released source code

Last time links checked: January 15, 2019

This page contains a backup Q3 coding tutorials. I backed up the source code releases, because I noticed the sites were going down, since most were hosted on Gamespy. You can learn quite a few things by looking at the source code, so feel free to download them, the mirrors won't make you wait in line.

Be sure to give credit (in a readme file, on your website, etc) if you use any code from these mods. It's common courtesy and copyright law even though they are open source.


This is a total conversion for QuakeIII Arena. You can use various different weapons to frag your enemies. For example shotguns, assaultguns, flamethrowers, prototype plasma weapons and many more. Like in real life, you have to reload your weapons from time to time and they are much more accurate if you stand still and do not run around like a fool. In "tactical" mode you can choose a new weapon, depending on your rank.
Coders: Herby, MatrixsurferX


Beryllium is a Server Side Only Mod, that allows server admins to configure their servers.
Coders: AdamW, Chris Pickett

Freeze Tag

In Freeze Tag you try to eliminate the entire enemy team. If you kill someone then they will become frozen. So to eliminate all, you'd need to freeze everyone, making them all frozen at the same time. This will give your team a point and the round will start over again. If you are ever frozen, a teammate can come rescue you by standing next to your icy body for three seconds. You'll then be set free and can join the battle again.
Coders: Darrell Bircsak


The railtrail is now completely 3D with a cool twist which makes it look like a corkscrew, plus many more features.
Coders: Firestarter

Human Debris

(various mini-mods)
Sog's Rifle - mirror
I Love Rockets - mirror
2D Platform Game - mirror
One Shot Kills - mirror
Telefrag Railgun - mirror
Coders: Jason [Zygote] Brownlee


InstaGib+ is a server side only instant kill mod. One shot, one kill! You get one weapon, infinite ammo and all items are removed from the map (except flags in ctf).
Coders: Mad Dipper

Quake 3 IS HUD

The new Heads Up Display includes some new features and options to more thoroughly describe your inventory.
Coders: Niptlar


Hunt - mirror
Bright Arena - mirror
Coders: Juhox

Excessive Overkill

sourcecode - mirror
Excessive is an over-the-top mod that makes all the weapons super-powerful, turns off self-damage, gives all the players regenerating health and ammo, and makes every game into a wild and crazy frag-fest! In the fast and furious bloodfest that is Excessive, it's not about staying alive; it's about taking as many people as possible out with you.
Coders: Dan 'Mr. Pants' Schoenblum


Unlagged - mirror
Alternate Fire - mirror
Coders: Haste


S.H.U.D means Stats Head-Up Display. This client-side mod is an improvement of the classic HUD of Quake III Arena.
Coders: DavidX66

Random CTF

The CTF flags spawn in random locations.
Coders: Blakjack

The Dark Conjunction (TDC)

The Dark Conjunction is a true Q3 Single-Player Total Conversion. Everything has been replaced in order to create a new gaming experience.
Coders: Juan Pablo Lastra, Ana Maria Albornoz, Esteban Hurtado

MatchMod Q3

Coders: Rich 'GiZZed' Burton, Doug 'RaVeN' Buckley, FlaNders, BgR

Bash Arena

Knock others off the map while remaining on the map yourself. 10 lives are given, and 1 life is lost for each time you fall off the map. Once you lose all lives, you are trapped on the bottom of the map until the next round begins.
Coders: Paul "Toxinate" Grohowski

Q3 Jailbreak

sourcecode not found (this is NOT Jailbreak:Prisoners of War)
A game of jailbreak consists of two teams, Blue and Red. When killed, you are transported to the enemies jail. While in jail, fellow teammates can free you by hitting the release trigger, or you can work together and use an escape hole located inside of the jail to gain your freedom. Once a team has all opponets in jail they are Executed, this being your ultimate goal.
Coders: Brian Harris, Warzone

UI Enhanced

A replacement of the User Interface for Quake III, UI Enhanced is intended to make single play and LAN parties more enjoyable.
Coders: HypoThermia

Zappy's Mod for Quake3Arena

It is a rocket or railgun instagib arena with a few additions. All rocket are smart rockets. You can earn powerful magnetic grenades with the EXCELLENT award. Improved HUD/ScoreBoard display. It was written 100% on a Macintosh.
Coders: Zappy

Battle of the Sexes (BoTS)

sourcecode not found
Class based mod of men vs women.
Coders: Spinoza, nits, tbp and {{Hellfire}}

Smoking Guns

(Formally known as Western Quake3)
Standalone game intended to be a realistic simulation of the "Old West's" great atmosphere.
Coders: torhu, sig11, hika, Spoon and ...


Quake weapons turned up to 11! Every weapon in the game has been powered up to cause damage with greater visual effect.
Coders: Chris Hilton


SmashQ3 is a single player Quake3 modification very loosely based on the arcade game "SmashTV."
Coders: Hal9000

PureCTF 3.0

A welcome return the gameplay style of Quake2 CTF! You get the old style grapple hook (on-hand), power runes that you can actually drop, and another 7 maps of CTF madness.
Coders: Kilderean

Quake III Rally

mirror (mirror has old version of the mod)
Fully fledged racing game with racing modes, deathmatch, capture the flag, demolition derby and more.
Coders: Steve "Stone Lance" Heijster


sourcecode not found (I think they released code, but not for sure)
Alliance is a fast paced, off-handed grapple mod for Quake III Arena. Alliance includes an array of custom models and sounds, admin, referee features and more.


The Carnage modification is targeted mainly for the server operators that require flexability and “fun” for their quake 3 arena servers. The mod is jam packed with settings for about everything needed to run a Q3a server.

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