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nano EF mod for Elite Force

A Star Trek Voyager Elite Force mod created by neural-link (coding, etc...)

nanoEF mod

Imagine that the holodeck has malfunctioned making everyone smaller, and having to adjust the the world as such. All the characters in EF have been shrunk, and the world is a lot bigger now. You can drown in water that was once waist high, and may have to jump over steps you used to be able to walk over. In order to help your little characters move around, you get the Inverse Tractor Beam (grapple).


  • Works with ALL existing maps, skins and models!
  • Works online or offline, with or without bots!
  • Works with all gamemodes! (FFA, TEAM DM, CTF, Assimilation, Disintegration, ActionHero, Elimination, Specialties)
  • Inverse Tractor Beam (grapple)
  • 3rd person perspective with fixed crosshair.
  • Shows your playerhead on the HUD.
  • No ducking allowed.
  • You can die if you fall too far.
  • Shorter range weapons.


Download nanoEF (687 Kb)


nanoEF characters


How can I stay attached to the wall with the Inverse Tractor Beam (grapple)?
Once the Beam is touching a surface you can keep the fire button down and switch to another weapon. Then it will pull you to that spot and you stay attached to the wall. And then you can fire your other weapons when you want. To release yourself, select the Inverse Tractor Beam again and you will be released.

nanoEF screenshotnanoEF screenshot
nanoEF screenshot