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the SYNAPSE gets a new home

February 10, 2006
Well we are no longer on GameSpy.

Site design for the most part done

June 10, 2005
Well I got most of the site done. A few minor things here and there break the XHTML (flash code snippet) and I think the gamespy banner is down again, only flash banners are loading. The unofficial EF guide hasn't been done and I dont plan to do the TeamElite section (that would be a pain) for now. Maybe later. I also disabled comments for now (the link still shows up) but you cant post comments. Someone recently spammed a bunch of casino links, I guess the person thinks he is gonna reach retirement by spamming those links all over the web. Its not like many comments were posted anyway, just a few here and there (I used to delete old news). Oh well no big loss, its still a nice way to update news rather than update the file and upload.

CSS XHTML redesign underway

June 6, 2005
I'm working on redoing the site so its "table-less" and conforms to CSS and eventually XHTML. It will take awhile to get it all done, but figured I would do it just to do it. So far I've gotten it about 50% done. Not really news but oh well, its not like there is much EF news.

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