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Team Elite Download Fixed

December 27, 2009
I recently reinstalled Elite Force and noticed Team Elite wouldn't work. Finally I figured out that the pk3 file got corrupt and the download was bad on my site and ModDB. I've reuploaded a good version on here and on ModDB. ModDB's site will take awhile to update since they have to approve it first. Sorry for any inconvenience.

EF Sounds Added

December 27, 2009
I added sound clips from the Elite Force game's background music. They aren't full tracks, but just enough to remind you of the game. I also updated the map information for EF. I'm working on getting more data for EF and EF2 up.

Links checked and site tweaks

December 12, 2009
I went through and checked all the links again. Seems a lot of old sites have gone down due to GameSpy no longer hosting mod sites. I've also cleaned up the HTML for all the pages. The tutorials were tweaked a bit also. The Team Elite site was redesigned because it was a mess. A few other files that are no longer online are now backed up and put for download on here (a few mods and some files for the tutorials).

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