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Find information, mods, tutorials and skins for Raven Software's Star Trek Voyager Elite Force and Ritualistic's Elite Force II games.

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Update and new beta mod in progress

June 25, 2021
Made the site more friendly to different size devices, but on small screens the nav will be in the way, until I get around to completing this.

Mostly did this because I have more updates in anticipation. I want to add links to EF community sites. During the pandemic I found out there are still some places to find people modding and playing EF.

Also during the pandemic I had started to rewrite Team Elite from scratch and thought of ways to improve it for a 3.0 release. I got about 40% complete, but then started getting ideas on how to improve nanoEF. That being said I have a beta version nanoEF 2.0 that I want to share eventually. I still need to document things and disable a few things that aren't going to make the release. I have a lot of ideas for a nanoEF 3.0, but honestly I'm not sure when I'll have time to ever release that. Since I haven't even done any coding in a few months.

Anyway, here is a video teaser of nanoEF 2.0

The site has had updates over the years despite me not making note of it. Usually it was just me checking to make sure the links on the site didn't go to anything bad every few years or so.

Redesign Update

September 7, 2011
I tweaked the colors and design a bit to look more Star Trekish. I always liked the old colors, but it never really fit in.

Design tweaked

April 12, 2010
Went through and cleaned up the site some more and tweaked the homepage. A few minor updates in other sections as well.

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