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Site design for the most part done

June 10, 2005
Well I got most of the site done. A few minor things here and there break the XHTML (flash code snippet) and I think the gamespy banner is down again, only flash banners are loading. The unofficial EF guide hasn't been done and I dont plan to do the TeamElite section (that would be a pain) for now. Maybe later. I also disabled comments for now (the link still shows up) but you cant post comments. Someone recently spammed a bunch of casino links, I guess the person thinks he is gonna reach retirement by spamming those links all over the web. Its not like many comments were posted anyway, just a few here and there (I used to delete old news). Oh well no big loss, its still a nice way to update news rather than update the file and upload.

CSS XHTML redesign underway

June 6, 2005
I'm working on redoing the site so its "table-less" and conforms to CSS and eventually XHTML. It will take awhile to get it all done, but figured I would do it just to do it. So far I've gotten it about 50% done. Not really news but oh well, its not like there is much EF news.

No Trek at e3, don't worry

May 24, 2005
I found a recent quote (5/22/2005) from a STGU post from Harry Lang "...keep in mind that just because nothing ST related wasn't announced at E3 doesn't mean we're just sitting around twiddeling our thumbs." (Harry Lang is the Senior Director, Interactive Viacom Consumer Products, Licensing division of Paramount Pictures)

10 year anniversary of Voyager

May 21, 2005
the SYNAPSE has a nice 10 year anniversary page for Voyager. Including the original website from ten years ago. Hard to believe its already been that long. That was several years before I was online but it was interesting to look at. I recently got done watching all seven seasons of Voyager on DVD (took me quite a while to watch them all) and I have to say I wish there were more episodes of that show, its definately my favorite TV show of all times.

Links checked

May 14, 2005
I checked the links for all my pages using LinkChecker a browser extention for Firefox. Its not perfect as far as making sure the page is actually the page, but it checks to see if the page exists anymore, still saved me a lot of time.

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