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Elite Force galleries

September 30, 2006
I added three galleries for Elite Force (concept art, posters and storyboards), enjoy I also changed the design and made it a little bigger than it was, mostly to accomodate for the galleries.

Star Trek Enhanced

September 21, 2006
You may or may not have heard but they are remastering the Original Series. They are cleaning up the video for HD quality and they are redoing the space scenes and some special effects. They aren't redoing monsters (such as the rubber suited Gorn). They also rerecorded the original theme. It might be airing on your local TV station. You might find the following site rather interesting. Seems pretty cool to me. Although I think they should of redone any aliens/robots and the static pictures (on the walls of the bridge). I'm sure they will rerelease a DVD set again as well. Makes sense to try to expose some more people to the original show again.

My downloads point to locally now

July 8, 2006
I set it up so that stuff I created and small useful utilities others have made are pointing to my host. That way you dont have to wait in line at FilePlanet or FileFront. I don't plan to put the big files here or any files that get updates periodically (such as MilkShape) or have their own webpage (such as Pathfinder).

I updated the tutorials and cleaned them up a little also. And that reminds me I think the EF Skinning Tutorial is like 5yrs old now. The tools section has a lot of files pointing to others sites, but its only the bigger files.

Minor update

February 26, 2006
Tweaked the design a little and updated/checked links for several sections. Also the contact form is back online as well a few other little things.

the SYNAPSE gets a new home

February 10, 2006
Well we are no longer on GameSpy.

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