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Link Check

March 18, 2009
I went through my links to clean out any dead ones. That's about it, I have a few sections I may add for EF or EF2 later on.

End of Year Update

December 27, 2007
I redesigned the site, just for the heck of it. Now it looks a little more like it did before 2005, except it's much cleaner. I updated the big images for EF comics, EF screenshots, EF2 concept art and EF2 renders, so no more small images.

Links Checked and Q3 Mods Source Code Mirrors

March 25, 2007
I checked the links on most of my pages to make sure I didn't have any broken or inappropriate. I think I got them all checked out now. Let me know if you see a link that is broken or going to something it shouldn't. I've also mirrored the Q3 Mods Source Code, so they won't be lost forever. Seems a lot of sites have gone down with GameSpy's server changes. The mirrorred files won't make you wait in line, they just give you a unique link to the file.

EF2 galleries

October 22, 2006
I added an EF2 gallery for concept art and 3d renders. Hope to have more soon.

More EF Galleries

October 14, 2006
I added some more pictures of EF (screenshots, voyager crew, aliens, hazard team, and comic book). Enjoy I'll probably be adding some for EF2 eventually.

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