Elite Force I and II Mods

Last time links checked: December 16, 2009 - This is not a complete list of every EF and EF2 mod made, but the most popular.

Elite Force II mods

Elite Force mods

  • TOS Weapons MOD - The Original Series Weapons mod, replaces the weapons with ones from the classic TV show. There is a TOS Weapons II mod in plans that I helped code on but I think its been put on hold.
  • IN2TAGIB - This mod changes your Holomatch into a Sniper arena. Has several features such as improved GUI, no-damage "rocket-jumping", unlagged code and more!
  • TEAM ELITE - Team Fortress mod for Elite Force. Its one of the mods I made and it has a lot of features to it.
  • Federation v1.16 (not sure if this was the last version) - This mod has bug fixes, new features, gametypes and commands to change most parts of the game. Changes to FFA, THM, CTF, TCTF, 1v1, Assimilation, Specialties, Disintegration, Elimination and Action Hero.
  • Starfleet Tournament Mod - It changes several aspects of the game (including sounds, music, and interface) and replaces some of the weapons, no code changes however, but it includes sixteen maps.
  • PiNBALL - Splash damage pushes your opponents around, plus several more features.
  • Colony 7 - Excellent Single Player mod that is 100% complete with 3 huge chapters! A must to download.
  • PwrWeapons v6 (mirror of file, since site is dead) - Weapons mod that has several neat features.
  • Gladiator Mod - Play several rounds with a random weapon and survive to win the round. After several rounds a winner will be declared.
  • Mr. Pant's Excessive Overkill - Weapons super fast and over the top fast paced action!
  • Holomatch Server Update Full - Another good serverside mod.
  • RPG-X - Its a multiplayer mod but is meant for role playing.
  • TOS Season 4 : "The Argas Effect" - Single Player mod for EF, about what if there was a 4th season of the original series.
  • Freeze 4 All v1.01 (mirror of file, since site is dead) - Server side Freeze Tag mod for EF.
  • Super Mario mod - EF mod that resembles Super Mario 64, with lots of new features.