Elite Force Weapons



primary-fire: Standard Phaser

alt-fire: Standard Phaser higher setting

Compression Rifle

Phaser Rifle compression rifle ammo

primary-fire: Energy shot.

alt-fire: High Power Energy shot.


Imod i-mod ammo

primary-fire: Energy shot that goes through forcefields.

alt-fire: Stronger firing mode that goes through forcefields

Borg cannot adapt to this weapon in Single Player.

Scavenger Rifle

Scavenger Rifle scavenger rifle ammo

primary-fire: Rapid energy rounds

alt-fire: Burst that arcs in the air and explodes on contact

Stasis Weapon

Stasis Weapon stasis weapon ammo

primary-fire: Three spread fire biostatic energy globules

alt-fire: Five spread fire biostatic energy shots

Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher grenade launcher ammo

primary-fire: Federation grenades

alt-fire: Sticky Federation grenades (In Specialties: Tripwire mines)

Tetryon Pulse Disruptor

Tetryon Pulse Disruptor tetryon pulse disruptor ammo

primary-fire: Rapid fire weapon

alt-fire: Tetryon Particles that bounce

Quantum Photon Burst

Quantum Photon Burst quantum photon burst ammo

primary-fire: Powerful Photon Bursts

alt-fire: Auto-Homing Photon Bursts

Arc Welder

Arc Welder arc welder ammo

primary-fire: Powerful energy stream.

alt-fire: Powerful energy burst with electrical tendrils as it slightly bounces.



primary-fire: Scans

alt-fire: Activates the radar

Only available in Expansion Pack

Borg Weapon

Borg Weapon

primary-fire: Energy burst

alt-fire: Electrical energy beam

Only available in Assimilation gamemode

Borg Assimilator

Borg Assimilator

primary-fire: Assimilates enemies

alt-fire: Same as primary fire

Only available in Assimilation gamemode



primary-fire: Heals teammates

alt-fire: Kills player instantly

Only available in Specialties gamemode and Single Player

Captain Proton Raygun


primary-fire: Ringed energy beam

alt-fire: Same as primary fire

Only available in Expansion Pack's Single Player